•     A facelift – by refreshing your current décor, updating and maintenance.
  •     A total refurbishment – remodelling, making some alterations within your existing home.
  •     Creating additional space – by extending and expanding the original footprint of your home.

We can be there for you during the entire project – overseeing and managing whatever the works may be, if required.  We have a great team of reliable tradesman who are adaptable and amenable to most requests – nothing proven otherwise, so far! 

The choice and options can be endless, infinite and beyond!

Your lifestyle and requirements will be incorporated into creating a welcoming, practical and efficient, family oriented, aesthetically pleasing, exciting and/or a calm and serene space, whichever and whatever suits you. 


Virtual Dezign Plans

Virtual designs can be so beneficial offering a totally flexible service. Design requirements can be discussed and emailed along the process.  Room by room, space by space, your wishes, requests and desires taken into consideration, and allowing all decisions to be made at your leisure and at your pace.  A full design package will be forwarded containing design plans, products and furnishing options with suppliers and prices, etc.  This is your guide - for you to achieve yourselves or with the assistance of trades people.  Here are a few examples: