Furniture Revitalizing

All our beloved and prized pieces, no matter what type, style or size, may appear tired, no longer stylish, or fit into a newly decorated home.  However, they are still very much required as items of storage, and usage, etc. Let's not be too hasty in replacing these items too soon, when you can breathe new life into these objects and refresh in ways that these pieces become a focal point again or blend in with the new surroundings.

I am sure you agree that the following images show how these pieces of furniture have been transformed and are once again enjoyed by the clients who acquired these commissions.  

Please see project examples:



Highly recommended.

We have disliked the dreary and heavy look these two pieces of furniture gave to our hallway, but we could not afford to replace them with anything smaller as we are so lacking storage.

Gae has refreshed the space and most importantly turned the cupboard and bookcase into something we could not have dreamed of.  We absolutely love the outcome. These large pieces now blend into the area giving a sense of space, and also highlights the style and quality of the furniture giving it a modern twist but is inkeeping with our home even more so now.  We are receiving compliments for all.

Thank you for restoring life into our furniture and refreshing our home.

J Hunter, Esher, Surrey.